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hmmm [Jul. 12th, 2006|11:16 pm]
Well, it's been approximately 12 billion years since I've updated, so i figured hey why not.

I'm currently in North Carolina.
I miss my boyfriend like you wouldn't believe and I feel really shitty that I'm away from him on our 6 month anniversary...and even worse, it's my fault that I'm away from him.
I went to the beach today in hopes of getting a tan. Yeah. Right. You kinda need sunlight for that to happen.
I really miss my friends. I miss last summer...minus Shane haha. I really miss all of them. I feel so...idk...i guess left out because no one ever really wants to hang out anymore. Or maybe they do and I'm just too busy spending time with Mikael. IDK. I'm just trying my best to finally grow up and make good decisions that getting drunk every night just doesn't sound appealing to me anymore. Not that I have a problem with my friends drinking because I'm pretty sure they can do whatever the fuck they want, but...idk. I'm just over the whole drama that alcohol only intensifies by a thousand.
My mom thinks I'm not going to go back to school in September. She thinks that since Mikael dropped out then so will I. Oh yeah I guess so. I might fail out, but I'm not gonna quit. Screw that.
My dad has a job. At Pepsi. Woo. My stepdad works at Coke. They should have a dual to see which one really is better.

Yeah. That's about it.