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I want a boy he's drunk he doesn't talk... [Feb. 16th, 2007|02:58 am]
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Life has been so strange here lately. Just when I think I have it somewhat figured out, it punches me in the face and says you fuckin bet. I have no motivation to go to class. I've been to calculus once this week. I have a test Wednesday or Thursday...I don't even know. I failed my econ test, which is pretty awesome because econ was one of my possible majors. I don't really think I want to major in art history so that leaves with with nothin. And I have to have my major declaration form turned in by Friday. SWEET. I want to buy a car, get in it, and drive to the other side of the world and tell Hanover College to fuck off.

I feel strange about mine and Mikael's relationship. I just have a weird feeling about it. I don't know why. Well, I do, but I dont really want to talk about it. I just feel as though we're drifting even further apart because we never talk or see each other until the weekend because he's too busy hanging out with Chris and getting drunk to pick up the phone and call me. Pretty cool. I would call him except oh yeah he's NEVER home. Even when I do see him, he just acts like he's mad at me or something. Whatever. He complains because I never show emotions or whatever, but then when I do, that just gets either thrown in my face or ignored. Pretty tired of getting my feelings trampled on. I think I had enough of that with the last guy, dontcha think?

This weekend I will hang out with my boys from back home because I love and miss them.

I'm tired and in a bad mood so I'm going to bed and probably sleeping through my calc class.


[User Picture]From: philip_james
2007-02-19 08:31 pm (UTC)
just pick something to major in that you are really good at and takes the least amount of effort. It doesn't matter what you major in, because unless its a really specialized field, they don't care. :) I <3 you
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